1st FLxFlow Course: 16-20 October 2017

Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisbon, Portugal

The 1st FLxFlow Course will introduce the basic principles and applications of flow cytometry to beginners. From fluorophores and panel design, instruments operation, required controls and statistical analysis to data publication and potential applications. The course will consist of theoretical talks and practical sessions with remote teaching where students will learn how to set up an experiment, run a multi-color experiment, perform compensation and analyze data. There will also be practical hands-on sessions in immunophenotyping, cell cycle, cell death & apoptosis and imaging flow cytometry.

Preliminary Program



FLXFlow Lisbon:

  • Ana Vieira (Champalimaud Foundation)
  • Cláudia Andrade (CEDOC)
  • José Rino (iMM)
  • Marta Monteiro (IGC)

Speakers and trainers

  • José Rino (iMM)
  • Marta Monteiro (IGC)
  • Cláudia Andrade (CEDOC)
  • Ana Vieira (Champalimaud Foundation)
  • Derek Davies (The Francis Crick Institute)
  • Tim Bushnell (University of Rochester Medical Center)
  • Alexandre Salvador (Enzifarma)
  • Andreia Mendonça (Enzifarma)
  • Christoph Frier (FlowJo)



Do you have a CAMPUS (medicina.ulisboa) account ?

  • Yes:

Go to https://fenix.medicina.ulisboa.pt/ to access to Candidate Portal (on the top of the page) > Choose “Cursos Avançados CAML” and click “Create”. Fill all the required fills at the “Application Information”, “Candidacy Documents” and “Other Data” Tabs. In the Motivation fill you should also indicate if you intend to assist the hand-ons sessions.

  • No:

Access to https://fenix.medicina.ulisboa.pt/accountCreation.

After create your account you will receive an email with username and password. Go to https://fenix.medicina.ulisboa.pt/ to start your registration and follow the instruction above.


– If you have forgot your username/password: https://utilizadores.campus.ulisboa.pt/ULUsersApp/reset/forgotPassword.seam

– If you cannot recovery your username/password, send an email to suporte@medicina.ulisboa.pt, indicating the following information: Name, Course Name, Student number, National identification number and external email.

Applications close at 30th August 2017



Participants will be selected according their application letter (mandatory).

Theoretical and remote teaching sessions: 120 participants

Hands-on practical sessions: 16 participants


Registration fees

FLxFlow candidates (CAML, iMM, CEDOC, FC, IGC): Free

Other Portuguese Academic Institutions: 100€ from 16/10 to 19/10 + 50€ for 20/10

Non-Academic or Non-Portuguese Institutions: 350€ from 16/10 to 19/10 + 100€ for 20/10



Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisbon




If you are experiencing difficulty registering please contact us!



    1. Dear Andrew,
      Many thanks for your interest in our course.
      This course will be conducted in English and we welcome participants from every country.
      If you have questions regarding the registration please contact us: flxflowcyto@gmail.com

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